Museums? You bet!

Yes, Grand Rapids was dishing out free admission to 5 museums on Sunday, April, 26, 2015.  Did we take advantage of it? You bet!

We started our family excursion with the Van Andel Museum, and escorted our way through the suggested A-Z route and learned the ABC’S of Grand Rapids!


Of  course, my cheesy pictures are only a snap shot of the real deal.

After that delightful alphabet soup, we skipped across the street, to my personal favorite, the Gerald R. Ford Museum.    

Unable to get in right away,  Mick entertained us, as the POTUS, at the podium!

Such a treat to learn about a home town hero and experience a bit of Washington right here in Grand Rapids!


I remember the sad days surrounding your death and TY for returning home and sharing your life with us.  You made a community proud! RIP Gerald R. Ford and your lovely wife, Betty.  I am certain you are dancing in heaven!

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