Spring Break 2015

Well, Florida was out of the picture this year, so Traverse City is the trusted stand by, sure to have a good time, get-a-way-va-cay. 

We decided to start off the trip with a stop at “The Bear” Restaurant since they won “Best Burger” in a contest years back, and we had talked about visiting this place, since my fine young son has an appetite for burgers like the cartoon character from our past…”I’ll gladly pay you tomorrow…for a burger today!”   


Daddy was the brave soul to order the “The Bear” Burger, all of which contained a pound of meat smothered with cheese, bacon and ham.  (Bring an appetite, because you will need it, digesting this big bad boy;   Just looking at it made me druel!)

The rest of us stuck with a normal serving of burgers and shared a basket of the most delicious curly fries ever.  We were lucky enough to watch the cooks place their potatoes on a potato peeler gadget, that twirled around shaving potatoes like nobody’s business.  How or what they added to make these potatoes so delectable?  I didn’t ask, but they melted in your mouth!  All I can say is, I look forward to a return visit!

Not all road trips would be the same without the infamous train passing by, or the oversized patio chairs.

We reminisced of the song by one of our famous bands, The Verve Pipe that quotes the infamous children asking, “Are we there, yet?” As we made the trek on US31.

Finally, we are here, and I managed to coax burger boy for a shot on the grandiose chair, adorning the entrance of the The Great Wolf Lodge!

The kids managed to slip-n-slide their  

 way into an enjoyable weekend, and we managed to sneak in the 45th parallel!


We even squeezed in lunch at Boones Restaurant, which has the most delectable steak and perch that melts in your mouth.  http://www.booneslli.com

Always an enjoyable trek to Traverse City and worth every penny… (Although, one can save a penny or two by visiting during the week, to avoid the quadruple lodging rates of the weekends!) Go ahead, give it a try- I dare you!

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