It’s Been Awhile…

since I’ve written anything. Guess I’ve been gloating in self-pity looking for full time work and experiencing new living arrangements. Getting old sucks, especially when you’re going through emotional and mental trauma. I have to admit, last year was excruciating…then my favorite singer commits suicide to boot!

Yes, life goes on in a gut wrenching way…fortunately. I have children that give me inspiration and joy…and a nephew, of whom, still thinks of me when he is in town.


Then my music frenzied, concert addicted groupie daughter (pictured with my nephew- above photo) drags me to her concerts, for which, I am ever so grateful cause the bands are sooooo bad! (and I mean bad as in dope bad)

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

Then, there is the beach where I go to exhale the demons that haunt me, where they can fry in the sun and I gain the golden tan.


Oh yeah, let’s not forget the journey we made to the Ohio Reformatory?! Yes, my daughter did a little research project on Ohio, last year, and we made it come to life. Strange? Yes, but the dilapidated prison is sight-seeing highlight for ghost adventurers and movie fans. We weren’t fortunate enough to meet any ghosts, but we saw the sewer tunnel that Tim Robbins dug his way out of, in the infamous “Shawshank Redemption, and the sludge was actually a mix of chocolate syrup and sawdust- nummy!



Let’s not forget about “Bessie”? the parking lot cow we encountered during our hotel stay, and the entourage of teenagers that had a boot scootin’ time riding her that evening. (sorry, no pic’s, but it was a heck-of-a good time watchin’ them hang on for dear life!) I am assuming some parents were not to impressed!

…or the family cat- Shadow!

…or Detroit Eats and Beats, where we jammed out to 311!

…and we accidentally cruised in a car show in Grand Rapids (flashback to Roseville car show- Detroit) Well, God is in the driver’s seat, right?

…And I continue to remind myself in times of doubt, dismay, distress, and disarray- God is in the driver’s seat and he drives me to enjoy my life. Regardless of my mid-life crisis, or living arrangements, he reminds me that although, I feel, my creativity is stifled, I created the most beautiful joyous creatures in life, children-for which, they continue to remind me that my life has purpose and meaning.

My purpose in life shines through my children, and I am reminded daily of their beauty because of their presence. I reap the benefits of the joy they provide, for which, my self-loathing suffering takes a back seat to the adventures of our Chevy Chase style family vacations…
Chevy chase.jpg

and for that I am ever so grateful!

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