Earthquakes In Michigan

Yup, step right up!  You don’t have to live in Cali to experience it!  Yesterday we had a quake that registered 4.4 on the Richter scale.  Did you Michiganders feel it?  It sounded like a neighbor was working on a house project and a ghost from the past decided to sit in my bed!  I jumped out of my 1/2 sleep slumber, in a daze, and shook off the heebie- jeebies to escort my daughter to dance.

Cassell Gymnastics

It was then I found out that a ghost from the past wasn’t invading my space, but an actual earthquake shook my spine!  The news was the talk of tumbling class.

My girlfriend had texted me that her sunroom windows shook, and my mother reported that it sounded like someone was trying to brake into her house.- Lol!  Anyway, she recanted how the earthquake in the 90’s left a large crack in her garage floor.

California Earthquake
The quake in California In the 90’s was also felt here in Michigan?  Or is that my Mother is making up another story?

Nevertheless,  I experienced a quake in my lifetime- have you?


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