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We discussed how Google is going global and has been driven by the philosophy of  “don’t be evil”.   Yet,if you don’t like the direction they are going, then you need to cancel your account -is that evil?  Media is a force of nature for all good and evil.  If you are not ready for the frenzy, then stay out altogether.  Go where your morals lead you to believe.   If you seek evil, it seeks you.  If you seek good it seeks you.

We discussed how the movement of social media has a voice, as identified by Greenpeace and their choice for a campaign logo.  Despite their leaders opposition, the public liked “Big Splashy” as was evident by the statistics.  Since media popularity has a voice, “Big Splashy” was the logo of choice.

Social media proved its power with the defeat of SOPA.   To me this was social media making a big splash on politics, and the best is yet to come.

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